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Meet Karen

Certified Optician & Eye Care DOT Connector

Hello— Karen here!


In 2020, I said cheers to 40 years in the eye care profession. My experience is vast, and a range that most will never see. The career path I chose has been carefully executed by connecting the DOTS of a plan that I created and committed to 40 years ago. 


My blessed success includes team leadership and development, training and implementation in the areas of customer experience, retail and wholesale sales, process facilitation and project management, known speaker and author.


This has brought me to the exciting point of my career and I am proud to launch KARE Consulting, LLC. My goals are your goals that will be full of passion, motivation and real life coaching and implementation in all facets of eye care. A quote I have followed and has been proven over and over is "Success is.....preparation meeting opportunity". I promise to uncover endless opportunities and prepare plans for your continued success.  


Karen Michaelson optometry consultant

One of my clients graciously said  “Karen is one of those people who give and objective or goal to and get out of her way.  She will get it done and exceed your expectations. She has a code of excellence that she lives by and it is evident in everything she does from managing relationships, meeting expectations and deliverables, creating solutions, keeping her word and inspiring others to be their best as well”.    

With that I say to you: be.YOU.tiful and EYE-mazing every day!

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Mission Statement

Kare Consulting aims to transpire with inspiration and knowledge what has been already established.  Together, we will strive for outcomes that are filled with positive energy yet a calm that allows the best to be seen and experienced by your patients and team.

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