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Course Topics

The courses I have created with specific intent. Intent to create a realistic process that when implemented will create the best patient experience, increase profit and be repeatable over and over.  


While each topic is just that, when used together the common thread of connecting the DOTS will become apparent.


I know you will have fun reviewing the topics and even more fun when we are able to work together.

Karen Michaelson with Kare Consulting businesswoman consultant.jpg

Being Karen

Judgement-Free Zone

This course is intended to help attendees be less assumptive, which leads to judgement. There are many attributes that could be misleading.   Appearance, history, past experience assumption of means can all affect how the final outcome of a situation. We will look and uncover some of the common areas in eye care that potentially affect the perfect visual solution and experience for each patient. We will also discuss the personal side of this potentially hurtful behavior.

Breakfast With Tiffany

Priceless Presentation

In our extremely competitive world, being present is expected at the very least. Mastering the presentation of a product or service is priceless. You will learn some strategies from some of the most well known and successful brands in the world. Come ready to share ideas and special presentation items you use to make the patient experience be-you-tiful and YOU-nique.

Eyeglass Display
Woman Shopping

Cartier Flu

Luxury Sales

We will explore the real jewels of presenting luxury products.  The attendees will gain confidence in luxury presentation, sales that  will create life time clients.

It takes a special mindset, passion and panache to ensure a confident and energetic  luxury product professional.

Coach Turned Player

Care Through Your Patients' Eyes

This course will help you understand what a patient is going through during non-routine care.

Many procedures are extremely frightening for our patients which cause anxiety and fear. Learn how to read the non verbal signs as well as how to help them understand what to expect.

High end designer eyewear mcclaren eyewear.jpg.jpg
Connecting the DOTS eyecare success.jpeg

Connecting the Eyecare Dots

And Beyond

Whether life is like a box of chocolates or you like dots, it is all about connection. whether it is your patient's experience or something personally, just one dot of place affects the entire connection and the outcome can be drastically affected.


In this course, you will explore 4 different areas that will affect an experience. Once all the dots are connected it will ensure you achieve your favorite combination of flavors and create an

EYE-mazing experience for all.

50 Shades of Frames

Frames Boards

Pun intended! This course will not about how many frames you need or turnover. It will be an aesthetic walk through frame board selection so you can keep all patients interested.


Many frames boards are repetitive and, quite frankly, boring. In many cases, the dollars spent on frames are just behind equipment and staff salaries. Attendees will glean ways to be able to say "I can sell that frame" and in turn patients will say "I will wear that frame."

High end designer eyewear mcclaren eyewear.jpg.jpg
Ophtalmology Glasses

Lenses First

You Had Me at 'Hello'

The expectation is that you, the expert, will be more equipped to make the lens choice for your patient the # One priority. This will ALLOW you to spend more time on the complete Perfect Visual Solution (PWS) for each patient.

You are the expert, be the expert and choose exactly what you would wear, your patient deserves it. We look at the two main facets of lens selection with information that you have at your fingertips and keyboard.

The Perfect Visual Solution

A.K.A. the "PVS"

The PVS is what every patient deserves to know.

"Bespoke" is a term that we use to describe customized, or made for a particular person. we get to do this every day with every patient we help. It is never just one pair that will enrich their life to the fullest. It may be two or ten and don't forget about contact lenses! Learn how to uncover, design and present the PWS for every patient. They may not purchase the entire PVS, but knowing what is perfect for them by a professional is what they deserve.

Image by Josh Calabrese
Leather Cases

Sell It Like It's Free

If you could sell free eyewear, what would you sell? The best I would guess. What we will explore and create is a step by step strategy to make sure you don't fall into "what my insurance covers" syndrome.

The First Pair is Already Sold

What will be gained in this interactive learning session is how to create the PVS for every patient, "their" Perfect Visual Solution. We will explore the perception and the reality of how consumers purchase up.

Every patient needs multiple pairs regardless of their lifestyle. by editing the manner in which you approach each PVS will determine the outcome. YOU! are the expert and know what the patient needs and will make their life better.

Image by Howard Bouchevereau

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